Moussa Dembele: one move, two goals

Moussa Dembele scored arguably the biggest goal of our season so far against Lyon, but what wasn’t in doubt was it was certainly the most dramatic.

As i mentioned in the Lyon 1 Spurs 1 match report, it’s not like we haven’t seen this before from the Belgian in a Spurs shirt. Dembele’s goal at Stade Gerland was almost a carbon copy of his ferocious strike at White Hart Lane on his debut against Norwich.

Two goals so far in his Spurs career and both have come from the same move. Moussa Dembele receives the ball to feet outside the area in the inside left channel. He then drops his shoulder as if to go right but comes back to his left, slipping past the defender in the process. He then has space to open up his body, before firing a shot across the goalkeeper and in to the far corner of the net.

Moussa Dembele puts the move on Norwich

As he entered the fray at half time back on the 1st September, Moussa Dembele took just 23 minutes to open his account in the Lilywhite of Tottenham.

Jermain Defoe had the ball wide on the left and passes it in to the Belgian just outside the area in the inside left channel.


Moussa Dembele in the inside left channel.

He takes the ball under control with his right foot and then drops his shoulder as if he is going to continue to drive forward with it that side. He then quickly shifts it to his left, leaving the defender on his back shoulder as he dribbles on towards the area.


The ball is now on his naturally stronger left side, which means that he is able to unleash a strike directly up from the corner of the six-yard box across goal.


John Ruddy has no chance as the shot is hit with power low down to his left.


Moussa Dembele does it again at Lyon

Having not scored since that game with Norwich at White Hart Lane, Moussa Dembele picked a fine time to register his second goal in a Spurs shirt. And it came in a very similar fashion to the one against Norwich.

Moussa Dembele is in the inside left channel once more, as he picks the ball up from Gareth Bale on the right this time.


Moussa Dembele starts from the inside left channel once again.

He is further out than against Norwich, but he executes the same move. He drops the shoulder as if he is going to the right and then slides past the defender on the left. The fake is so good it leaves the Clement Grenier on the floor.


He is now in exactly the same corridor directly out from the corner of the six yard box as he was against Norwich, just a few yards further out this time. As the help defender comes over, he fires a similar shot across the goal, looking for the far corner once more.


And just as against Norwich, he finds it with unerring accuracy.


Two goals from Moussa Dembele so far in his Spurs career and both were scored with the same move and finish.

Here’s to seeing the Dembele shake and cross-shot from the inside left channel more often.

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