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Welcome to Spurs Fanatic – the Spurs blog that analyses Tottenham Hotspur player and team performances through the use of Opta Data, Chalkboards and Stats Zone.

This Spurs blog was put together to explore how each player’s actions on the pitch can not only effect their performance, but also that of the Tottenham team.

I’ve been fascinated by this ever since watching Clive Allen give a lesson on being a predator in the penalty box when attending my first ever game at age six.

clive allen scores image for spurs blog

Allen’s movement and quickness to lose defenders in such a small area and be first to the ball had me hooked on not only just what a player does to be successful, but also what he is not doing when his performance dips.

This Spurs blog is dedicated to exploring that relationship between how well or badly a Tottenham player is performing and the reasons why. It’ll also look at the knock-on effects on the Spurs team and the tactics employed by them and their opponents.

I hope you’ll find it interesting, insightful and want to get involved.

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Come on you Spurs!